Workplace Strategy

The working environment is changing and so are the needs of employees how to work productively.

Organisations are rethinking and changing the way they operate, increasingly moving to a hybrid way of working in which employees alternate between working from home and working from the office.

With a team of experts, we can design a suitable work environment that will enable your people to work productively and motivate them to work from the office. If you are considering a hybrid model and job sharing, we can help you calculate the appropriate desk sharing ratio.

We work with the real office space as a whole and in line with the company culture, strategic priorities and the needs of teams and individuals.

How we work

It is important to get a good overview of the current situation at the beginning of the project and understand how your company works and how the teams work. To do this, we use a proven methodology that includes, among other things:

  • Workshop and discussion with the company leadership on strategic priorities, teams, company culture and the vision for the new work environment.
  • Empathetic interviews with representatives from each department and team. We go in-depth to find out employees’ needs for productive work and motivations for working from the office.
  • We use an online survey to ask all employees about different aspects of the work environment and their needs and expectations.

We consolidate and analyze the information gathered and summarize all recommendations on workplace functionality, layout and design concepts into a Workplace Report. These integrated recommendations may include, for example, an estimate of space requirements, workstation sharing ratios, workstation standards, and technology considerations. They serve, among other things, as a basis for the preparation of space plans.

Our work doesn’t stop there, we use change management techniques to help you manage and implement change so that it is positively received and delivers the expected results.


We are going to inspire you with the workplaces of many international and top Czech companies.

Our Clients

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim’s origin and expertise are present in the design of the new offices that Cushman & Wakefield secured, designed and built for the pharmaceutical company. The design, inspired by the traditional materials of Ingelheim, also references the biochemical industry, with organic-shaped partitions and cell-related motifs on the floor, as seen under the microscope. From the analysis of the workplace influencing the choice of the building to the design, the aim of the project was to create offices that employees would be comfortable using for both focused work and collaboration with colleagues, as well as being representative for client meetings.

We provided Boehringer Ingelheim with following services:

  • Office Leasing
  • Workplace Analysis
  • Design & Build


Albatros Media

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the company culture, the new offices meet the needs of employees, the latest trends and the current requirements for an efficient working environment Albatros Media moved into the new Mayhouse office building in Prague in 2021.

The selection of suitable space to meet the company’s new requirements, the design of the layout according to the latest trends and the conclusions of a thorough analysis of employee needs and corporate culture, and the subsequent implementation of the architectural project were carried out by the real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield. Thanks to their cooperation in all phases of the change, they became so close to the company that they tailored the offices for Albatros Media. This is confirmed by the satisfaction of the employees, who cannot praise the new working environment.

For Albatros Media we did following services:

  • Office Leasing
  • Workplace Analysis
  • Design & Build
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