First graders’ idea of an ideal office revealed!

1 minute reading

We invited first grade kids to our Prague office in Quadrio to explain what the work of a real estate agent looks like.
An as its crucial part is understanding client needs – we interviewed them: Would you come to the office every day?
Half of the kids said yes, but with one major condition – that the office space would also offer entertainment equipment. With a smile, they explained in detail.

• Game consoles are a must. During breaks, the children would like to relax with their favourite games and share their impressions, creating a friendly atmosphere in the firm.

• Relaxation is obviously key – and the best get-away from the work routine is by the sea! Well, it seems no Prague office project can provide that – so another requested feature, a nap room will have to suffice.

• And – food, of course! The children expressed their wish to have plenty of goodies and treats in the office – another key element of a comfortable working atmosphere.

The children however acknowledged that sometimes work should take place at work as well – so we gave them a tour of our office. Our stylish phone booths caught their attention and seemed to fascinate them.

What really pleased us was their response to the open workspace we have: they appreciated the atmosphere of calm and well-being that this space radiates.
Together with an unusual experience, the visit gave us inspiration on how to create the ideal working environment. We might try to implement some of the ideas in our office – or at our clients, making them ready for the future workforce.